We are the Swiss pioneer in the fight against limescale, and aim to become the global leader in this field!

We are the Swiss pioneer in the fight against limescale, and aim to become the global leader in this field!

The Early Years

The history of this family-owned company began in 1951, in a cellar beneath a house near Zurich's Bucheggplatz. Today's Düring AG is founded on the work of Maria Düring, a housewife with a finely tuned appreciation of consumers' needs and wishes. To tackle the problem of a limescale-blighted toilet in her house she began to experiment with various chemicals, and, in due course, invented a hydrochloric acid based decalcifier. The durgol® brand was born.

Innovative and entrepreneurial

Walter Düring, son of Maria Düring and a pharmacist by profession, joined the business and quickly made his mark, for example by personally constructing the first professional filling machine for durgol®. The company is especially proud of this in-house developed filling equipment. In 1966 he formulated durgol® WC, a special limescale remover for toilets sold in an ergonomic bottle with a curved neck.

Two years later this product was followed by another highly efficient decalcifier, durgol® ME (today's durgol® universal). Decalcification of metal items was made possible for the first time ever thanks to the inclusion of anticorrosive substances, and the new product soon became the market leader in Switzerland.

Launched in 1980, the TOILET DUCK® was a further significant product of Walter Düring's restless inventive genius. It revolutionised toilet hygiene and achieved global fame. The initial recipe was produced by Walter Düring's wife Vera. Further variants and product refinements were introduced over the following years. The TOILET DUCK® trademark rights were sold at the end of 2008, and Düring AG once again focused squarely on its core business, decalcification. Since then, the resources thus released have been invested in the well-targeted development of further innovations.


We are an independent Swiss company that takes its social and ecological responsibility very seriously. As a decalcification specialist we develop, manufacture and distribute high-calibre products that convincingly incorporate the contemporary Swiss quality philosophy. Thanks to our specialised expertise and strong service orientation we provide consumers and customers with the products that best meet their needs. We pursue our business with commitment, conscientiousness and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Employees, partners and customers count on our dependability. We say what we mean and mean what we say.

Our quality standards

Switzerland is our development and production base and we market high-quality branded products that make life easier for consumers all over the world.

We strive to be a competent and dependable partner for our consumers and the trade.

We stand for quality, ecology and social responsibility.

We strive for top quality in our products, services and processes, and encourage our people in all departments and at all levels to:

   -   progressively boost our capacity for innovation

   -   actively pursue and enhance our open communication culture

  -   constantly optimise our operational processes and procedures

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