Get a free sample of Durgol Swiss Espresso and 10% off coffee at Stokes High Bridge cafe in Lincoln

  • 17th September 2014
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Want great tasting coffee at home? Of course you do! So don’t let limescale get in the way and come down to Stokes High Bridge cafe for a free sample of Durgol Swiss Espresso, a coffee machine decalcifier. All you have to do is print the coupon on our Facebook page and take it with you to the lovely Lincoln based coffee shop. Stokes was established in 1902 by Robert William Stokes and now four generations on customers are still coming back for more! Lincoln is one of the UK’s hard water area, so get the voucher ...Read more

Working in Coffee Shops

  • 20th August 2014
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Working in Coffee Shops Working in an office? Getting fed up of the nine to five daily grind, surrounded by the same people, at the same desk day in day out? Well then, it’s time to for you to jump on the new trend of working at the ‘coffice’! The ‘coffice’ is of course one of those anonymous branches of any independent or chain  coffee shop, where ex-office workers set up their laptops and work away with a coffee by their side. Now, this could sound like an excuse to procrastinate and have ...Read more

Taking a Look at Limescale and Hard Water Problems

  • 01st May 2014
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Hard water is water that contains a high mineral count. It is formed when water trickles through deposits of calcium and magnesium which contains minerals like chalk, limestone and dolomite. Hard water is not harmful for health however it can cause major problems with household appliances, which can be quite expensive in terms of repairs, replacements and higher energy bills. Almost 60% of the UK has hard water with the main problem areas concentrated on the east and southern coast of England with the region of Lincolnshire recorded to be supplied with an extremely high level of hard water. According to ...Read more

Tracking Your Coffee Consumption with Up Coffee Mobile App

  • 31st March 2014
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Ever feel like you’re drinking too much coffee? Or maybe not enough? If you have a smartphone and you’re a coffee addict, then we may have found the perfect gadget for you! A new app called Up Coffee, created by Jawbone, which is used in tracking your coffee consumption, and how much it affects your sleep. The app helps you understand more about your caffeine choices by correlating your coffee intake and projected sleeping time. You can read more about the Up Coffee App here, along with some interesting statistics about your sleep. Why not start ...Read more

Share your Limescale issues and WIN with We Love Coffee Community

  • 27th March 2014
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Calling all coffee lovers! Are you a victim of limescale? Or have you avoided checking your kettle recently? Now is the time to face the music! We’re giving you the chance to win £100 in supermarket vouchers and a bottle of Durgol Universal, which makes removing limescale from your household items quick and effortless in order to battle all of your limescale troubles. Limescale build up in kitchen appliances significantly increases running costs and reduces life expectancy, not to mention affecting the way your tea and coffee tastes. All you have to do is upload a photo of ...Read more

The Barista

  • 07th January 2014
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We are all familiar nowadays with the Barista, the smartly dressed and pleasant member of staff behind the counter of our favourite coffee shop.  But it may come as a surprise to learn that Baristas have been around for an awfully long time. The phrase Barista is Italian, as you may have guessed, and translates into English as “bartender”. Although coffee originated from the ottoman Turks, the title, which was initially used for people selling both coffee and alcoholic drinks, was only used in coffee houses when the venetians tradesman started importing it into Italy in 1645. Most ...Read more

Merry Christmas from Durgol

  • 29th November 2013
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We are celebrating the festive season with a Christmas advent calendar competition over on our Facebook page. Every day in December until Christmas Eve we will be giving away one of the fantastic ‘winter warmer’ prizes featured in the image below. To take part all you need to do is visit our Facebook page, have a look at the ‘clue’ in the advent calendar post, like the post and leave us a comment to tell us what prize we are giving away that day. We will pick one person with the correct answer at random every ...Read more

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