How to Make the Best Coffee in the World

  • 13th November 2013
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“Coffee - the favourite drink of the civilized world.”― Thomas Jefferson Ever since the discovery of coffee 500 years ago, it has become one of the most popular beverages in the world. More than 60% of our favourite coffees come from Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam and Columbia and the rest of the 40% from countries like India, Guatemala, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia and Peru. Making the perfect coffee has become a skill. According to Erin McCarthy, 2013 World Brewers Cup Champion, “Coffee brewing is a science and an art, and is easy to mess up, Just because you’re ...Read more

5 Reasons Your Coffee Tastes Bad

  • 01st November 2013
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If you work with a lot of different people or have to visit a lot of different businesses then you will have encountered a plethora of different tasting coffee. Sometimes you will be pleasantly surprised by the taste of someone’s coffee but most of the time you will experience anything from mild disappointment to downright revulsion. So, why does coffee sometimes taste so bad: 1. The machine is dirty OK, so you would expect us to say that but even a conservative estimate would place just about every coffee machine in the UK filthy category. It is an unusual ...Read more

The Latte Printer - Yes Your face on your own cup of coffee

  • 19th July 2013
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"We were so inspired by a chain of coffee shops in Taiwan which has has introduced a 'latte printer' to print pictures of customers' faces onto their coffee, that we decided to run a poll on our Facebook page We Love Coffee Community to see which celebrity faces the public would like to see in their frothy milk. The three celebrities chosen by coffee fans were: 1. Johnny Depp 2. David Beckham 3. Kate Middleton We then mocked these up on top of a delicious steaming cup of joe! Do you think this trend will catch on in coffee shops in the UK? ...Read more

How Limescale affects household appliances

  • 03rd June 2013
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Approximately 60% of the UK population live in hard water areas; therefore Limescale is affecting a large part of the British population. Not only does it look particularly unpleasant it can also cause issues with many household appliances containing heating elements such as kettles and coffee machines and in some cases even your washing machine and dishwasher. However, it is not always a subject that is discussed, so here are a few answers to clear up any queries you might have regarding Limescale. What is Limescale? Limescale is an off-white chalky substance which comprises bicarbonate and calcium. It builds up over ...Read more

Removing limescale is a must as the demand for great tasting coffee increases

  • 09th April 2013
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In the UK today we spend a larger proportion of our disposable income on coffee than at any time in history. The recent explosion in high street coffee shop franchises such as Costa and Starbucks has triggered a huge demand for freshly brewed coffee in homes and offices across the country. There are literally hundreds of different coffee makers on the market, some that are cheap but complicated to use and others that are expensive but can offer a more convenient quick fix through the use of pre-filled capsules. Whatever you chose you are going to have spend time descaling ...Read more

Removing limescale using the right decalcifier

  • 07th September 2012
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durgol® swiss espresso® is highly effective at removing limescale but at the same time gentle to your machine • durgol® swiss espresso® works up to 10 times faster than other branded decalcifiers. There is no need to interrupt the decalcification process to wait for durgol® swiss espresso® to work. • One portion (125ml) of durgol® swiss espresso® can dissolve up to 10g (0.35oz.) of lime. This is sufficient to decalcify one espresso machine once. • Because of its special corrosion protection formula, durgol® swiss espresso® will not damage your espresso ...Read more

How to remove limescale from your coffee maker

  • 07th September 2012
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How to remove limescale from your coffee maker with durgol® swiss espresso® durgol® swiss espresso® - a new coffee machine descaler from Switzerland is set to hit supermarket shelves to target the burgeoning UK in-home coffee market. Available to multiple retailers via exclusive distributor Martin Global, durgol® swiss espresso® is a decalcifying product designed to remove limescale from all makes and models of home coffee machines including fully automatic, semi-automatic, manual and 'coffee pod' machines. Perfect for in-home coffee fans, durgol® swiss espresso® is highly effective as well as easy and safe ...Read more

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