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  • 28th November 2014
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Want to impress your friends next time you head out for a coffee and a cake? Well, here we provide a lowdown on the must know terms to wow the coffee shop!

A good place to start is ‘Arabica’ - one of the two main types of coffee and widely believed to be the best. Next time you head into your favourite coffee shop be sure to ask whether it’s arabica!

Looking for a hard to get, expensive coffee to enjoy for a special event? There’s few better than ‘Blue Mountain’, originating from sunny Jamaica!

Continuing around the world, if you’re looking to try some of the best Ethiopian blend, then your best to give Djimmah, Harar or Yirgacheffe a whirl.

Bored of a standard coffee, how about trying some new approaches! Originating from Asia, a ‘Nel Drip’ (or Flannel Drip) is a drip coffee, utilising flannel filters from Japan. Also a Japanese tradition, ‘Pour-over’ coffee is a method of drip coffee using water poured in a slow, steady stream over a filter cone - it takes three minutes to brew, ideal for a lazy Sunday morning when you have some me time.

We all know this but just a reminder, a nice touch is to call the lovely person in the coffee shop a ‘barista’ the official term for someone who prepares the coffee!

So there some specific coffee types to swot up on, now let’s talk beans…

A ‘flat bean’ is two coffee seeds still inside the coffee cherry, one side of which is flat during the cherry’s development. A ‘peaberry’ is a rounder bean where only one seed develops to give a more distinctive flavour. Once the bean is developed it is likely to have its outermost layers of skin removed, a process known as ‘pulping’.

As a side note, one thing you certainly wouldn’t want is a ‘quaker’, where the coffee beans have not roasted properly - not good!

Finally, if you’re tired and need a boost, we’d recommend getting a ‘Ristretto’ - the strongest expresso known to man or a ‘cortado’ - an expresso topped off with wonderful flat steamed milk.

Or for something fast and convenient, try an AeroPress, where the coffee and water are in contact for a short 30 seconds or less to ensure a concentrated fuller flavoured coffee.

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