Is coffee the UK’s new favourite hot beverage?

  • 12th February 2015
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Although in the past Brits have been notoriously reluctant to put down their cuppas, it looks as though coffee, the brew once dubbed ‘the bitter invention of satan’, is set to dethrone tea as the nations favourite drink. Despite lagging behind the rest of Europe in terms of coffee consumption, the UK coffee market has been steadily on the rise, breaking the £1 billion barrier for the first time in 2012.

The biggest influencers behind the coffee uprising are based in the South East, and drink over half of the uk espresso consumption. Perhaps unsurprisingly, London is home to the most coffee shops in the UK, but it is Brighton topping the ranks of coffee-enthusiast per square mile, with residents consuming more coffee per head than any other area. Aside from location, it seems that profession also has an impact on coffee-intake. Journalists have been found to consume the most, closely followed by police officers and teachers.

One in five consumers are now visiting coffee shops as part of their daily routine compared with one in nine in 2009, citing that they can ‘get a drink I can’t or don’t usually have at home’ as one of their key reasons. Although coffee shop culture remains popular across the UK, data has shown that more people than ever are investing in good quality home coffee makers, especially espresso machines and coffee pod machines. More than one in five (22%) of households in Britain now make their own espressos, lattes and cappuccinos with a coffee machine at home. With the increasing popularity of home coffee makers, one of the most iconic kitchen appliances in Britain, the kettle, is in sudden danger. Demand has dropped by more than seven per cent in the past five years, as more capable, multi-talented machines move in to take their place!

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