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  • 14th November 2014
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Coffee, the capital of warm drinks. The widest consumed beverage across the world. Small cups, flasks or even shots, you can’t beat that feeling of a lovely warm cup on a cold wintery day.

Whether it is a stocking filler for a family member or a treat for yourself - take a look at our coffee gadgets to grab this Winter.

TFA milk thermometer

The best feeling in the world is definitely a frothy coffee in the morning. If you’re planning on frothing your own milk then this thermometer is a must and is widely used by the pros in the barista business. It comes with a handy clip to fix to your milk jug - a must for latte addicts.


The Professional Barista’s Handbook

If you want to rustle up a proper coffee then you should pick up this handy book to help you learn the professional way. From practical information, to how to make the perfect cup check it out on Amazon.


Stand out coffee cups

Creative cups are a necessity for any household or workplace. This quirky stand out keyboard table gives your kitchen that funky touch and is great to share a drink with your friends.


Coffee Joulies

Finding the perfect temperature for your cup of coffee is always a struggle. It's either boiling hot and you burn your tongue, or you leave it too long ending up with a lukewarm cup. Well this little token product is engineered to cool coffee to the optimum temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit in no time - cool eh?



Sugar cubes Skulls

Made from 100% cane sugar, these quirky cubes would make a statement piece in the kitchen.


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