The best coffee shop on the High Street

  • 22nd September 2014
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The best coffee shop on the High Street

We all know that feeling of walking through the city centre of any town and thinking ‘Which coffee shop do I fancy today?’ For some of us this could be a decision we make instantly, as creatures of habit.Yes, we are the kind of loyal coffee fans who even when it’s pouring down with rain, we don’t have an umbrella and our favourite coffee shop is on the other side of town, will still go that extra mile to get our preferred coffee fix. 

So we thought why not have a little coffee and cake off, to see if we could find the best coffee shop on the High Street.

Caffe Nero - Mighty milky


The coffee was not the warmest and it also was incredibly milky. The taste was ok, but did not give the great coffee taste that we had at other coffee houses. If you like really milky coffee then this one is the one for you. The blueberry muffin was tasty, moist and really provided a great blueberry hit. Our verdict is great tasting cakes but a little work on their coffee wouldn’t go amiss.  


Costa - Caffeine kick 


Costa has a great reward system like Caffe Nero and Starbucks, allowing you to get free coffee when you have collected enough points on your coffee card. Costa provides hot coffee with a great caffeine taste. With Costa, the taste was very strong. This is definitely for you if you love strong tasting coffee that stays hot. The chocolate brownie was hard on the outside and gooey in the middle, which is the way a brownie should be. It was good, but to be honest it didn’t stand a chance against the home made brownies available at other coffee shops. 


Starbucks  - Hot to trot


Opening the coffee top we saw a great looking cup of coffee and a great smelling one too. The coffee taste is strong and lasting. We have to give Starbucks their due, they make a great looking coffee, which comes with a great taste. This coffee is for those of us that might be a little ‘fussy’ about how we have our coffee, which is fine because Starbucks will make it again for you, if you are not completely satisfied. They also have a sign promoting this which is a great idea as it allows you to feel comfortable if you want to ask them to change something. We found Starbucks was the hottest coffee out of the four, which is great for when your grabbing a coffee on the go. The blueberry muffin was moist inside, however it wasn’t as good as Caffe Nero as it did start to go dry quite quickly in between bites. Starbucks do offer the great ‘skinny muffins’ for when we want something sweet but without the calories. 


Caffeine, Spinningfields in Manchester - Coffee shop of dreams  


Not only is Caffeine very inviting, it also creates coffee at its finest. Although the cup size was smaller then the other coffee houses, we were still won over and have to make Caffeine our favourite of the week. The coffee was hot, creamy tasting and really gave that coffee kick that we all want. Now on to the chocolate brownie, and what a treat that was. Slightly crumbly with a gooey middle and a harder outer layer, this was a brownie of champions. Just looking at the picture we are reminded of every amazing bite! 


Coffee Champion
• Caffeine takes first place.
• Starbucks takes second place.
• Costa takes third place.
• Caffe Nero takes fourth place.

Cake Champion
• Caffeine takes first place.
• Caffe Nero takes second place
• Starbucks takes third place.
• Costa takes fourth place.

Caffeine has to be our weekly winner. Not only do they offer great service, they also go that extra mile to make sure their cakes and coffee really do have you saying ‘mmm’ after every sip and bite. It is definitely worth giving your local independent coffee house a go to see what their coffee is like. You never know you might just strike gold and find a coffee shop like Caffeine.


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