limescale and detergent remover

durgol® surface


durgol® surface limescale and detergent remover removes even persistent limescale deposits on fixtures and surfaces and provides brilliant results in no time at all. Surfaces remain spotless for longer thanks to the unique drop-repellent effect.


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£4.99 500ml

Useful Information

Useful Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Instructions for use

For fixtures, washbasins, shower cubicles, tiles and other acid-resistant surfaces: apply durgol® surface, leave for a short time and rinse thoroughly with cold water. Repeat for particularly persistent limescale deposits. No drying or shining required.


Dampen porous surfaces (i.e. grout) with cold water before use

Use durgol® surface only on cold surfaces (i.e. fixtures), before use - run cold water


Frequently Asked Questions

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