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durgol® universal


durgol® universal makes removing limescale from your household items, quick and effortless. Its formula guarantees efficient, food-safe and environmentally compatible decalcification and is gentle on materials.


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Instructions for use

Metal, plastic and glass containers

(kettles, pans, vases, dental glasses, baby bottles, etc.)

Depending on the degree of calcification, fill the container with either diluted or undiluted durgol® universal, covering all the affected areas, and wait for up to one hour. Add more durgol® universal if limescale is still present after the solution has stopped foaming (i.e. the active substance has been used up). Rinse thoroughly with cold water once all the limescale has been removed.

Smaller items

(tap aerators, shower heads, nozzles, etc.)

If possible, remove the calcified item and soak in durgol® universal for approximately 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and wipe metal items dry.

Surfaces and fixtures

(washbasins, chromium steel vats, taps, tiles, aquariums, etc.)

Treat calcified areas with a cloth soaked in durgol® universal, then rinse with cold water and wipe dry.

For surfaces we also recommend durgol® surface (bathrooms) and durgol® cuisine (kitchens) with their specially optimised formula and consistency.

Filter coffee machines

Pour 1-2 cups of durgol® universal into the water tank and dilute with the same amount of tap water. Run the solution through the machine, then rinse twice with tap water.

For high-quality coffee machines (fully automatic and semi-automatic models) we recommend you to use our special decalcifier durgol® swiss espresso®.


The decalcification instructions contained in the manual supplied with your appliance take precedence.

Always use cold when using durgol® universal on metal.

Do not use in combination with other cleaning products.

Rinse well with cold tap water once decalcification has been completed. Wipe metal items dry.


Frequently Asked Questions

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